Acrylick-o-lantern Contest!!


With Halloween around the corner we here at Acrylick decided to have a jack-o-lantern contest. Each team member started to carve a pumpkin with an Acrylick related theme. But then we stopped.. .and decided that YOU might have more fun with this. So here are the rules:


Participation is open to all ages.
Pick A Pumpkin and carve a Acrylick Related theme
Acrylick-o-lanterns cannot be offensive to any race, religion, or age.
Maximum of 1 entry per person.
No cheating!! Cannot be photoshopped!
Send a photo of yourself wearing some sort of Acrylick apparel holding your Pumpkin to
Photos must be submitted by Thursday, October 28 by 12pm
Entries will be looked over by the Acrylick Staff.
An announcement will take place Friday, October 29.
The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to the Acrylick Flagship/Online store.


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