Acrylick – Support Japan T-Shirt

We want to do our part in helping with the crisis in Japan. As with any natural disaster, rebuilding is quite a feat. We offer a way for our supporters to also be apart of this effort, and display the inner benevolence we each possess.

The proceeds from this shirt will go toward disaster relief in Japan. Everything about this shirt is straightforward. The design was kept basic intentionally, mainly to cut costs of production. A simple design leads to lower production costs, resulting in more money being allocated to Japan. Our goal is to simply aid Japan by raising as much money as we can from this shirt. The shirts are priced at $15, with free shipping (Domestic Orders Only). Shirts will ship within a weeks time.

Currently Out of Stock.


If you prefer not to purchase our shirt, you can donate directly to the RED CROSS.


6 Responses to “Acrylick – Support Japan T-Shirt”
  1. b. says:

    How much of the proceeds will be donated toward disaster relief? AND which organization will this go to in Japan (Red Cross? etc)?

  2. sara says:

    exciting! i’ll be buying one soon–beautiful shirts for an excellent cause.

  3. Michelle says:

    not sure what size to get, how do they run? I’m a girl.

  4. Joys says:

    I really appreciate the acrylick on taking part in this social activity and Japan was really need a great grant from all over the world at that time !


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