Our Ikebana Women’s Racerback Tanktop perfect for this heat! Photo Cred: @advantisride
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Acrylick bootlegs?
/ July 29, 2014
For the last year or so, people have been telling us that they’ve seen some Acrylick counterfeits being sold at various places. Our buddy @roial1 came by tonight and brought us a bootleg of our delicious cuts design (shown on the left), which he found at Santees Alley in LA. Good attempt on bootlegging our design, but the printing the quality needs major work. We’re not flattered, I wouldn’t even wash my car with this thing.
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/ July 25, 2014
We always considered Acrylick as being extremely different from other brands. When we first began we knew nothing about the clothing industry. No one invested in us, we had no outside backing or financial support. We pretty much invested in ourselves, beginning with less than $100.00 total. The game was different than it is now, and we just wanted to influences others by putting out messages and concepts we considered valuable. Everything that we have grown into has been a result of reinvesting into the brand both financially and emotionally. There may be others that shared in a similar struggle, but we can honestly say that our initial and primary goal above everything, since day one, was just to get our products “messages” out there. Everything else would follow… We remind ourselves this everyday. There is always a bigger picture, and in our case it’s pretty SIMPLE.
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Thanks for the recognition!
/ July 22, 2014

We know 2014 is almost over, but we just wanted to post this to show our appreciation toward 7daystheory.com. Apparently earlier this year we were nominated as one of the 20 dope street wear brands you should know about. We tend to keep up with our press and the rest of the internet but this one didn’t come to our attention till now. Better late than never! Thanks for putting us at number five!

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Our Good friend DJ Chris Karns paid us a visit, and blessed us with a demo on one of his new routines. We were able to capture it on video for all of you. Amazing what this man can do with 2 decks and a Rane sixty-two. He proves why he held a DMC World Champion Title and 3 Redbull Thre3style championships! Anyone trying to come up should take notes and learn from the veteran!

He starts with some clean scratching, and takes us into what appears as some cue point/sample drumming? All too clean and properly executed. If you liked this video check out our “features” section!