New collection coming…
August 19, 2014
The time to launch our newest collection is coming near. Here’s a first peak at our “Impression” capsule collection releasing at the end of this month. Our Impression capsule closes out our last collection, and prepares you all for our Autumn/Fall collection coming soon…Consider this an appetizer, we’re eager to show you whats coming next!
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/ August 18, 2014

LA-Riots[2]Pay no attention to the actual shirt posted, only focus on its message. We are not trying to sell to you; we just want to take some time to speak on its message. Our La Riots design from our summer collection was released to serve as a reminder that injustice is still occurring constantly, and that we must open our eyes and realize that things haven’t improved. We wanted everyone to know that events like this can reoccur at anytime since the main problem has not been cured. It has only been hidden, and overlooked due to distractions we are given and fed constantly. Unfortunate and extremely sad, the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri are an example of the message we were trying get across to our supporters through our LA Riot concept. It only takes one spark to ignite the rage of a city. That rage then fuels the rest of the country as you may have seen. Rioting and destruction begins, following an appearance of martial law. The government is now forced to take responsibility and attempt to mend things. Note that we say, “mend”. The fix is only temporary. It’s like putting duck tape over a leaky hose. The hose will continue to leak again slowly, or eventually burst with too much pressure. We need to realize that nothing has been fully repaired. This is the state our country has been in for a very long time. The only way for things to improve is if justice is given regularly in situations big or small, and things like this are kept transparent. Nothing to hide, no blame, just people doing good for humanity rather than acting with ignorance and instilled hatred. Hopefully justice will be served and given to the nation, and most importantly to Michael Brown. When things settle, please continue to seek justice. Not by Rioting or violence, but from discussion and constant inquiry. Don’t accept what you are told, because most of the time they are not fully true.

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Hiphop in Pomona…
/ August 16, 2014
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Digging through vinyl in our instrumental racer back tank. Thanks the tag @kimmyvondoom
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Our Marauder & Roll Call Leggings will be restocked soon, New set of leggings coming this Autumn. #americanmade #sneakpeek #comingsoon #acrylick

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist live
/ August 11, 2014
We are giving away One pair of tickets to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist live at the @hobanaheim For October 2, 2014 Enter to win! Rules below 1) Like this Picture 2) Follow us @acrylick & @hobanaheim 3) Regram with #acrylick #djshadow #cutchemist Winner will be announced Wednesday August 13th @ 10am. Good Luck!!

Zero Freitas, 62, a wealthy Brazilian businessman who’s spent his life collecting several million vinyl records, recently shared his story with The New York Times. Freitas has bought records from some of the world’s biggest collectors such as former music-store owner Paul Mawhinneyand renowned West Coast collector Murray Gershenz.

“I’ve gone to therapy for 40 years to try to explain this to myself,” said Freitas who suggests his obsession is tied to childhood memories of his father playing records. Freitas bought his first record as an adolescent in 1964, and by the time he finished high school he owned around 3,000 records. After he graduated from studying music composition in college, Freitas took over the family business — a private bus line that serves the Sao Paulo suburbs — and at age 30 had about 30,000 records. 10 years later, the bus company prospered and made him rich. Around that time, Freitas split up with his wife and that’s when his buying habits escalated, soon adding six figures to his collection. “Maybe it’s because I was alone,” Freitas said.

Freitas now has a team of international scouts in South Africa, Nigeria, Cairo, New York and Mexico City, all of whom represent his mainstay, negotiating deals and shipping records back to Brazil every month. Alongside a dedicated team of interns who help catalog his ample collection,Freitas has began to set up the Emporium Musical — a non-profit organization and music library that digitalizes as much of the collection as possible. Head to the New York Times to read the full article.

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Back to School Sale continues
/ August 10, 2014
 Busy weekend catching up on orders. Enjoy 40% Off any order. Use Promo Code: EDUCATION at check out. Free U.S Domestic Shipping. SHOP.ACRYLICK.NET

Back To School Sale

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Without sacrificing their soulful disposition to hip-hop, legendary Bay Area group Souls of Mischief have been able to rework their sound over the years to produce consecutive classics. While the title track to their 1993 debut LP “’93 ’till Infinity” continues to receive air play from across the board, the Oakland group have been hard at work with new concepts and sounds. The latest project finds the Souls of Mischief collaborating with acclaimed composer Adrian Younge on a conceptual album titled There is Only Now – a 19-track LP made up of retro hip-hop riffs and intellectual lyrics. In the latest HYPETRAK TV episode, the duo break down the album’s core motifs while we also get a glimpse at their studio jam sessions. Slated for an August 26 release, stay tuned for more from There Is Only Now which will feature guest appearances from Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Ali Shaheed Muhammed. Check out the feature above and keep up with the latest music over at HYPETRAK.

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