Our good friend DJ Dynamix performed on REVOLT Live’s “1s and Tuesday” recently. He gave a excellent routine and showcased some of his tone playing skills. We appreciate the support he continues to give our brand, Acrylick is proud to call this talented individual one of our friends

DJ Dynamix Performs on REVOLT Live’s ’1s and Tuesday’ from DJcityTV on Vimeo.

Dynamix is rocking our new Ikebana tee (spring 2 2014), Dugout jacket (holiday 1 2013), and Monotone Script snapback (summer 1 2013).

LISTEN: Happy Hour by DJ WREX

DJ WREX releases his highly anticipated follow-up to NintendHoe & Sriratchet! Aaaaaaaaaand “It’s going to be LEGEN… I hope your not lactose intolerant DAIRY!” DJ WREX proudly presents HAPPY HOUR and this mix is packed with classics from Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Gap Band and much more! For his next number he would like to return to the classics! DJ WREX changes the vibe up with some of the jams that you know and love. These are hand-selected tracks that have stood the test of time, and if you are at happy hour make sure you throw this one on! You are one-step away from one LEGENDARY happy hour! Press play! Ladies & Gentlemen, Happy Hour starts now!

Mix Cover Art by @soulamode Thanks for the support and please follow!


Austin Antoine & Amir Oosman of Joomanji with DJ Wrex | Acrylick Live Sessions

Acrylick’s 1st Installment of the Live Sessions at The HQ with Joomanji‘s own Austin Antoine and Amir Oosman with DJ Wrex.

Austin Antoine from the band Joomanji is the current Guinness World Record holder of the longest freestyle rap which lasted for 16 hr 31 min 22 sec and was achieved at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, USA, on 4 May 2013.

Amir Oosman also from Joomanji is a drummer, producer and composer formerly from the esteemed Blue Devils and is the 2011 Multi-Perc I&E Champion.

Video Shot & Edited by Greg Bermoy & Bryant Ty


LISTEN: Smell The Da.I.S.Y.

De La Soul just celebrated 25 years of their debut album 3 Feet High & Rising. The group has been hinting at this new project and they teased us with a new track called “Dilla Plugged In.” The track featured a beat by J Dilla, and left the people excited and wanting more.
Well, here it is! The FULL Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. mixtape!
You are about to hear unreleased Dilla beats and reworked classic De La lyrics. The mixtape download also comes with the some hidden treats for all you true heads!
Listen to the tape Here!
Smell the D.A.I.S.Y.:
01 Let the King Ascend
02 Who [ft. Redman]
03 Dilla Plugged In
04 Goes the Word
05 Vocabulary Spills
06 The Pitch
07 Taking the Train
08 Leave Your Cares Behind
09 O’Shut Up
10 No More No Less
11 Marvin Jaye

Just Do U – LIMITED EDITION colorway. Air Max Day Exclusive

There are many legitimate holidays, as well as some ridiculous and less notable ones. Anyone can create a holiday; all that’s needed is ingenuity and a marketing plan. Today, March 26th 2014 marks the first celebration of a holiday created by Nike, a company notoriously known for it’s ingenuity and marketing. They coined this day “Air Max Day”. On this day 27 years ago in 1987, Nike released the iconic Air Max 1 sneaker, which revolutionized athletic shoes, changed fashion, inspired music such as Hip Hop, and even influenced popular culture as a whole.

We are fond of holidays, and one that pays homage to one of our favorite sneakers is even better. In celebration of this first newly developed holiday, we are offering our classic “Just Do U” design in a limited edition red and volt yellow color-way, made to coordinate directly to Nike’s air max day 3-26 sneaker release. We are making 100 of these shirts available. Only available through Pre-order off our online store, these will never be produced again. Shirts will ship within 2 weeks of ordering. Get yours and celebrate this iconic shoe, and holidays created out of thin air.