Dean-Paul Denniston

Name: Dean-Paul Denniston

Birthplace: Pasadena, Ca Residence: Duarte, Ca

Years Skating: 9 Years

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors/Affiliates: Stix Ride, Acrylick

Words to live by: Be the change you want to see in the world

Top 5 Movies: Grind, Juno, Up, Zombie Land, and Shaun of the dead

Top 5 Favorite Skaters: Sean Malto, Rick Howard, Daewon Song, Leo Romero , and Shane Oneil

Acrylick: Who are some of your influences/inspirations?
Dean-Paul: My brother Allan Denniston and Luke Parkinson

Acrylick: Who/what gets you motivated to skate?
Dean-Paul: Mike Mo’s Fully Flared part, and friends..

Acrylick: What gets you hyped?
Dean-Paul: When the people I’m skating with start doing super tricks or are just having a lot of fun.

Acrylick: Do you have any heroes?
Dean-Paul: Jesus Christ

Acrylick: Do you have any strange rituals?
Dean-Paul: If one wheel goes over a crack, then all the other wheels have to also go over a crack in the same direction. I can’t throw down with a crack between the front and back truck.

Acrylick: Do you have any advice or tips to give other people who want to start skating seriously?
Dean-Paul: Just have fun with it.

Acrylick: What kind of bomb ass grub can you make?
Dean-Paul: Pancakes! But most of my friends don’t like them.

Acryick: Special Thanks?
Dean Paul: God, and my sister Ashley.